About Us

Like many companies, necessity is the mother of invention. In 2015 our founder, Jedd Braunwarth, owned several multifamily properties near a college campus. He included water in the rent. But the water bill varied significantly and Jedd found that he was not recouping nearly enough to cover the varied expense. Existing water submetering options on the market were costly, did not have many of the features he was looking for, and were not reliable.

After many iterations, testing, and tweaking Jedd developed the True Submeter water meter and monitoring service. It worked great! Since then, thousands of happy property owners now use True Submeter to monitor and manage their water utilities. From the beginning Jedd has had an uncompromising dedication to quality, reliability, and ease of use. It is what customers expect.

Jedd continues to be a major contributor to True Submeter. He has also brought on additional owners to help grow the business. The new owners share Jedd’s dedication to quality and reliability. Look to True Submeter for continued innovation in the water submetering industry.