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The True Submeter Solution!

Are you a real estate investor, landlord, or property manager? Do you have properties with landlord paid water utilities? Would you like to increase NOI (net operating income) and property values today?
True Submeter is the only real solution to completely eliminating landlord paid water utilities. Our Wi-Fi enabled, totalizing, water flow meters accurately measure and bill the individual tenants in rental properties around the world.
Quit paying the water bill and contact us now!
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Main Line
If plumbing is separated between apartment units then individual point of use meters are not needed and a single main line meters can be installed to monitor the water usage. These meters can be PVC bodied, brass bodied and can be hardwired to eliminate battery maintenance
Point of Use
Our submeters are small point of use water meters that install after the shut off at each water point of use. For example, two water submeters would be installed under the kitchen sink, one on the cold water line and one on the hot water line. Another example would be one water submeter installed at each toilet on the cold water supply line as it fills the tank.
Easy Setup & Install
Upon purchase and installation of the submeters, landlords will register their account and submeters to our database and then manually choose the billing rate to match their local water and sewer authorities ($ per 1,000 gallons). Landlords can access their personal database to view each individual apartment’s usage in real time and month to date totals. Finally, each month an email is sent to the landlord (or directly to the tenant) containing each apartment’s total usage in billable format.

****Note: This does not replace the municipal water bill as the landlord will still receive this and have to pay the municipality water works. Our submeter accurately monitors how much water each tenant uses and provides the accuracy and platform to bill the tenants back on their individual water use.
Web Monitoring
Each submeter is equipped with battery power, Wi-Fi, and a microchip allowing us to accurately monitor water usage and send the signal via Wi-Fi to our database for storage, real-time access, and monthly billing.


Leak Detection
Zero Remodel Costs
Fair Invoicing
Low Water Usage


  1. Count the total number of water points-of-use you are wanting to submeter in each apartment unit: specifically, the total number of hot and cold water lines such as toilets, sinks, showers, and dishwashers.

  2. Place order for submeters.

  3. Install submeters at each point of use (after water shut off) in compression fittings and turn water back on. True Submeters come ready to install with all of the correct plumbing connections and batteries supplied.

  4. Each submeter is custom programmed for you and your properties. Each will be pre-labeled for specific apartments and fixtures with a device I.D. This makes installation simple!

  5. Install the cellular Wi-Fi router in a common area that will best receive Wi-Fi signals and cellular service. The True Submeter network is a closed loop system and DOES NOT require the landlord to provide additional utilities such as internet service.

  6. Pass the water bill to your tenants and start billing them yourself. True Submeter will automatically record and totalize the water used in each apartment and generate an accurate monthly usage water bill to be sent to each tenant.

  7. Instantly reduce net operating income and increase property values.

  8. Main Line Installation Manual

  9. Point of Use Installation Manual

  10. Troubleshooting check list

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