ROI & NOI Calculator

Calculate your Return on Investment (ROI) and Net Operating Income (NOI) Impact with True Submeter
Savings: Water Bill - (Units * Monitoring Fee)
ROI: (Units * Savings + Ceiling(Units / 6) * Meter Cost) / Water Bill
Estimated Costs
TSN1 PVC Water Meter
TSBR Brass Water Meter
On average, one TSRT Router is needed for every 6 units.
Estimated Plumbing Expenses
True Submeter estimates the cost of installation for the first meter is $125 and each additional meter is $20.
Upfront Cost
Monthly Monitoring
ROI & NOI Calculations
Estimated water bill expenses recovered with True Submeter assuming no change in other operational income.
7.0 months
Estimated time for return on investment assuming no change in other operational income.


Simplify water utility management with True Submeter.

Water Bill Recovery

Oftentimes when a property owner includes the cost of water with rent, they do not recover the entire cost of the water bill. With submetering, you eliminate surprise water expenses.

Property Management Efficiency

Avoid adding items to your to-do list. Automatically bill tenants for their exact water usage. An invoice is sent directly to your tenants each month.

Increase Property Value

Increase your Net Operating Income (NOI) by recovering all your water expenses. Higher NOI equals increased property value.

Tenant Benefits

Keep relationships with tenants on good terms with True Submeter.

Tenant Fairness

Tenants appreciate being treated fairly. Only bill them for the water they use. No more, no less.

Tenant Satisfaction

Submetering provides transparency in utility billing, which leads to improved tenant satisfaction.

Reduced Disputes

Water usage disputes vanish with accurate monitoring and billing. Tenants see what they use and how much it costs.