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Cellular Router


Our cellular routers arrive programmed and tested with an active T-Mobile cellular network. After installing your water meters, simply plug-in the cellular router in a central location of the building and it will start monitoring. One cellular router is required per building. Each cellular router monitors up to six units. Multiple cellular routers will be required if your building has more than six units. True Submeter handles all the contracts and payments to the cellular network providers.

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Monthly Monitoring Fee
A $5.90/month fee is charged per unit regardless of the amount of water usage. Fee covers the cost of real-time water logging, cellular fees, and automated monthly water bill services.

Billing and Invoice Management
You will have access to each unit’s historic and real-time water usage. Setup your monitoring account to email tenants their monthly water bill, email the water bills to your landlord/property manager, or export the monthly bills to a CSV file.

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