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PVC Meter


Number 1 Seller!  Our PVC Meter is the best solution for tenant submetering in a residential setting with normal use. One meter is required per unit. PVC Meters arrive programmed and tested. After installation, simply plug-in the PVC Meter and it will start monitoring water usage.

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Online Monitoring and Billing
Easily access and bill your tenants online through your True Submeter account
Two-Year Warranty
Two-year warranty to protect against manufacturing defects.
Incredible Accuracy
Our meters track and bill tenants within 99% accuracy
Easy Installation
Any licensed plumber can install our submeters on your property
Requires Standard Plug-in 120V Outlet
3/4" Thread Connection
Horizontal or Vertical Installation Orientation
Measured in Gallons
Professional Installation Recommended
Product Dependency
In order for our meters communicate with our servers, a custom programmed router is required for every building meters are used.
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Monthly Monitoring Fee
A $5.90/month fee is charged per unit regardless of the amount of water usage. Fee covers the cost of real-time water logging, cellular fees, and automated monthly water bill services.

Billing and Invoice Management
You will have access to each unit’s historic and real-time water usage. Setup your monitoring account to email tenants their monthly water bill, email the water bills to your landlord/property manager, or export the monthly bills to a CSV file.

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