Wi-Fi Router


For residential submetering, one Wi-Fi router is required per building, not per unit. These routers are set up, programmed, tested, and have an active cellular network when we ship them out to you. All you have to do is plug it in in a central location in the building and all the meters will communicate to it wirelessly. You do not have to pay or manage anything with the cellular network, we take care of this for you

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Monthly Monitoring Fee
A $5.90/month fee is charged per unit, regardless of the amount of meters used, that covers costs such as real time water logging and Verizon/TMobile cellular monthly service, and automated monthly water bill.

Billing and Invoice Management
We set you up with a private account where you can monitor your water usage and manage tenant billing.  A water bill is automatically generated at the end of every month and either emailed direct to the tenant or landlord/property manager. If you prefer to not have automated billing, you are able to disable that and manually download PDF invoices. 

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